Top 9 Reasons to Automate Functional Tests Using Selenium

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During the development of the software, several tests are required to evaluate the functionality, the user experience and other aspects of the software. Manual tests can be long and cost-effective in terms of hours and costs. This can be done through automated tests. Along with the inherent advantages of automated testing, Selenium has some advantages [...]

Why Data Science Important in Cybersecurity?

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In the end, Data Science allows the cybersecurity sector to move from the assumption to the facts. During the last decade, the cybersecurity sector has been worried about FUD: fear, insecurity and doubts. Consumption in cybersecurity was based on the argument that "if we do not have an XYZ chart, then we just have to [...]

What is Angular 2?

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Angular 2 is a modern application development framework. This is basically a structure that helps you create programs faster by providing a variety of services and objects that make things easier for application developers. Angular 2 is a spectacular update of the previous version of the framework. We are really thinking about how applications should [...]

What is Blue Prism?

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Blue Prism is a digital workforce operating system that includes more than 12 years of development and RPA software improvements. Its software offers a secure and expandable link platform for the automation of robotic processes, specially designed to provide robotic programs that are more productive in the RPA industry. The Blue Prism software also acts [...]

Top 3 Programming Languages for Machine Learning

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Machine learning is a process to build AI-enabled algorithms with which machines can automatically learn or produce codes through the analysis of given data. Machine learning is the subset of Artificial Intelligence and again intersects many fields, including mathematics and psychology. Now, after giving a brief introduction, let's start with the technical part of the [...]

9 Essential Tools For DevOps

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Due to the hard work of DevOps engineers and their teams every day, it is important to always look for tools to improve productivity and efficiency. Unfortunately, there is not enough time to search for the best DevOps tools that suit the team. That's why we were looking for you. From the permanent tools that [...]

What are the Main Features of Python?

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Python is a widely used language for high-quality programming by Guido van, Rossum. In fact, the name is taken from one of the most popular Rossus TV shows, Monty Python's Flying Circus. Python first appeared February 20, 1991, and is a sign of the 25 year existence. According to the definition of Python, the general [...]

What is the Difference Between Machine Learning and AI?

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It is not the same, but the idea that sometimes it can lead to confusion. Therefore I think it will be a written assessment to explain the difference. The two conditions often appear when this theme is "Big Data", analyzes and extensive widespread use of technology in our world. In the Early days Artificial intelligence [...]

What is Selenium?

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Selenium is a portable platform for testing Internet applications. It has a set of various software tools, each with a different approach supporting test automation. Most QA Selenium engineers focus on one or two tools that meet the needs of your project but knowing all the tools will give you many different options to solve [...]

Features of Java

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The main goal of creating a Java programming language was to convert it into a portable, simple and secure programming language. In addition, there are also excellent features that play an important role in the popularity of this language. Java functions are also referred to as Java buzzwords. Below is a list of the most [...]

What is Data Analysis?

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Data analysis (DA) is the process of examining data sets to draw conclusions about the information they contain, increasingly with the help of specialized systems and software. Data analysis technologies and techniques are widely used in commercial industries to enable organizations to make more informed business decisions and researchers and researchers can verify or disprove [...]

What is the Difference Between Data Science and Machine Learning?

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One of the most common confusions arises among modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, information science, deep learning and more. While all are closely interconnected, each has a different purpose and functionality. In recent years, the popularity of these technologies has increased to such an extent that several companies have now [...]