Top 9 Reasons to Automate Functional Tests Using Selenium

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Top 9 Reasons to Automate Functional Tests Using Selenium

During the development of the software, several tests are required to evaluate the functionality, the user experience and other aspects of the software. Manual tests can be long and cost-effective in terms of hours and costs. This can be done through automated tests. Along with the inherent advantages of automated testing, Selenium has some advantages that give priority to competition.

Platform portability

The test is a recurring process. The smallest code change must be tested to ensure that the software provides the desired functionality and result. The manual repetition of tests is a slow and expensive process. You can repeat the automated tests at no additional cost. Selenium is a very portable tool that works on multiple platforms and browsers. It allows automation engineers to easily simplify writing the code without worrying about the platform on which it will work.

Language help

The software is written in several languages. One of the challenges faced by the automatic evaluators is the integration of automation tools in the CI development environment. With Selenium links for Java, .NET, Ruby, Perl, Python, PHP, Groovy and JavaScript, it is very easy to integrate with the development environment.

Remote control / selenium Grid

The Selenium remote control server allows automation testers to create a test infrastructure that is distributed in multiple locations (including a cloud) to execute scripts in a wide variety of browsers.


Programmers often prefer to store independent tests within the program itself. These tests can be redistributed and refined as desired. This allows you to quickly change the code, reduce duplication and improve maintenance capabilities. Flexibility Selena allows programmers to better manage tests.

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Supports multiple browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari, etc.)

(When creating test cases, run the test cases using all popular browsers, without any modification in the test cases.) The driver browser only distinguishes from one browser to another, but the test cases are the same.

Note: Selenium IDE (one of the tools in the Selenium toolbar) is compatible only with the Mozilla Firefox browser.

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Supports the parallel tests Execution

(When using Selenium Grid, we can run tests in parallel, so that we can reduce the time of the experiment).

It uses fewer hardware resources.

(Compared with reseller tools such as UFT, RFT, Silk Test, etc. … Selenium requires less hardware)

The advantage of an open source.

Due to open source software, Selenium allows users to share, disseminate and modify the available code. By doing so, you can save programmers a lot of time and effort and, ultimately, increase the return on investment. The use of custom functions facilitates the reading and administration of the test code.

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Selenium is compatible with several operating systems (MS Windows, Linux, Macintosh, etc.)

(When we create test cases in any operating environment (for example, MS Windows), they can be run in other supported operating environments (for example, Linux, Macintosh, etc.)

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