What is Blue Prism?

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What is Blue Prism?

Blue Prism is a digital workforce operating system that includes more than 12 years of development and RPA software improvements. Its software offers a secure and expandable link platform for the automation of robotic processes, specially designed to provide robotic programs that are more productive in the RPA industry. The Blue Prism software also acts as an operating system with transaction optimization and automation, while providing an “artificially intelligent” correct platform with AI and cognitive capabilities.

Since 2002, Blue Prism has recognized the challenges faced by large companies when dealing with highly transactional activities. They receive the word “Automation of robotic processes” and, therefore, define a completely new way of providing basic operations that have begun to transform the world.

The robotic software for the automation of blue Prism gives companies of all types access to the agile digital workforce of the robot programs. In collaboration with suppliers and traditional models for the delivery of technology, RPA opens very profitable alternatives that allow its teams to focus on activities of greater value. It does so by implementing rules based on rules that interact with existing organizational systems in the same way that human work is doing.

To do this, RPA Digital Workforce is based on the need for a secure, consistent, reliable and flexible way. This means that processes are assured in a precise and consistent manner, improve compliance and reduce risks. Team teams can focus on the value of driving instead of processing recurring transactions.

In terms of implementation and operation, the RPA Blue Prism technology largely eliminates the need for coding, which means that the IT function is very low, with key controls, general information and management that the operations themselves can perform. Central or functional way.

Although it is very effective as an independent solution, it is designed to complement other tools and approaches for operational efficiency, for example. BPM, Lean Six Sigma etc. Therefore, the organization can configure multiple approaches to fully optimize its processes.

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Alignment with other tools provides the basic function of RPA to start feeding the broader digital initiatives of the organization, especially artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and sentiment analysis, which gives companies added value.

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Blue Prism v6 offers additional enhancements in areas such as surface automation that will accelerate deployment through thin clients and improve control with a custom front end. The extension of the user interface of the platform beyond English to other languages starts with Japanese and will continue with Spanish, as the RPA market is spreading all over the world.

Blue Prism v6 emphasizes its determination to connect with other tools, to establish a reliable Trust portal as an example, while supporting credential management through Cyber-Ark, which provides basic architectures for Azure Cloud and AWS, etc.

In this way, an organization using the Blue Prism RPA gets a deeper insight into the business to facilitate analysis and presentation, greater consistency and security, and faster scalability. And all this will contribute to the nutrition of cognitive learning and artificial intelligence in business.

Benefits Of Blue prism

An effective digital workforce

Blue Prism combines business technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and sentiment analysis that enable companies to create effective digital business strategies. This allows them to use their approaches from a secure platform and at a rapid pace, which makes their operations flexible.

Productive platform

With Blue Prism, companies can expect intelligent automation of their business processes. This allows their workforce to participate in a productive way and allows them to do more in a short period of time.

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Flexible software

Blue Prism is a simple software. The function that performs is its user interface, which supports several languages, such as Japanese, which works with the application for users who speak and navigate in other languages besides English.

In addition, Blue Prism offers unparalleled business information through third-party tools. This allows companies to create new strategies based on precise data specifically designed for them.

Secure Application

Business intelligence is an important aspect of the company and is crucial to the success of a business entity. This is something that Blue Prism understands and, therefore, has several levels of security when it comes to user permissions that separate roles and access.

In addition, Blue Prism integrates with the credentials that allow companies on the platform to securely store authorization. In this way, they can ensure that users always have access to the data they need without compromising security.

Flexible system

Blue Prism now plays an enhanced management console where executives and administrators can control resources and settings. In addition, the application can be implemented as freely as in the cloud through Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, allowing companies to choose infrastructure in a flexible way.

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