What is Selenium?

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What is Selenium?

Selenium is a portable platform for testing Internet applications. It has a set of various software tools, each with a different approach supporting test automation. Most QA Selenium engineers focus on one or two tools that meet the needs of your project but knowing all the tools will give you many different options to solve various problems with test automation. A complete set of tools provides a wide range of test functions specifically tailored to the needs of test-based internet applications of all kinds. These operations are very flexible because they allow many options for locating user interface elements and comparing the expected test results with the actual behaviour of the application. One of the key functions of Selenium is testing support on many browser platforms.

Selenium automates browsers. That’s all! What you do with this power depends entirely on you. Mainly this is the automation of web applications for testing purposes, but it is certainly not limited to this. Boring administrative tasks can (and should) also be automated.

Selenium supports some of the largest browser providers that have taken steps to make Selenium a native part of the browser. It is also the main technology in many other tools for automating browsers, APIs and frameworks.

What is a software test?

In simple words, you can define tests as checking or measuring the quality, reliability or performance of a product before making it available for normal use. For example, most products, from a small pin to a spacecraft, are tested before they are available.

Today we are in the world of technology dominated by software-based machines and applications. We hope that they will work the way we want them every time and everywhere. Are we sure that they will work? The answer is Software testing.

Software testing can be defined as a test or quality control of software before it is made available to the user. The same tests apply even to web applications because most of today’s businesses are based on the Internet. So why should we do tests for web applications?

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Imagine a scenario in which you placed an order in the online store, but you cannot track the status of your order. This may be due to a mistake or error in the backend code of the web application. Therefore, it is necessary to test the code to avoid these errors or errors. The Selenium tool offers such tests for internet applications.

Types of software testing

  • Manual test
  • Automation tests

Manual test

Traditionally, software tests are carried out by Quality Assurance staff (QA), writing specific code lines, generally referred to as test cases. These test cases must be performed manually for each transaction using different types of attributes and data sets. The result of test cases, both success and failure, must be registered manually. The main disadvantage of manual testing is the high probability of human errors while repeating the execution of test cases results in low product quality.

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Automation Tests

The disadvantage of manual testing has resulted in automation tests in which the tool is used to perform test cases, avoiding manual disruptions in each transaction. In addition, we can set up test cases so that they can be tested independently of operating systems, platforms and web browsers. The result of the test case can also be automated by programming it at a specific time of the day.

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Here is the end of basic test concepts, types of tests and their differentiation. Now the main topic of this blog is to present the basic concepts of selenium, its components, comparison of selenium with other important test tools and inference why selenium is the best among them.

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