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May 22, 2019 RPA

Introduction to RPA Tools:

Robotic Process Automation is the new kid in the block, who has created a lot of new developments in and around the automation space. In this article, we will try to bring all the knowledge we acquired over the years of research into crystal clear words, so that even beginners can also get a very good understanding of what is Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

When we speak Robots in Robotic Automation processes, systems or tools, that does not mean exactly that robots (from that movie, I Robot, will do things that are made by humans), but that means that it would be software blocks or applications that can assume those responsibilities or actions of human beings and these can be executed by them more quickly and efficiently.

Category of RPA tools:

Built as the extension of past generations of bots, here are 3 main categories of RPA tools in the market

  • Programmable RPA Bots: Programmers need to understand and code a set of inputs that control how the RPA bot interacts with other systems.
  • Self-learning solutions: these tools testified hours of activity of the human employee, understood the process and then assumed the platform and began to perform the same task.
  • Cognitive automation automation bots: Cognitive automation bots are self-learning bots with advanced functionalities (such as Natural Language Processing, image recognition and machine learning) that can learn and manage structured and unstructured data.

Core Functionalities of RPA tolls:

Any selected RPA tool must do

  • A bot must interact with several other systems through screen scraping / API integrations.
  • A bot must be able to make decisions and find its actions based on information collected from other systems.

Listed below are some of the following: most valued robotic process automation providers, providing their own RPA tools to automate business processes.

  • Blue Prism
  • Uipath
  • Automation Anywhere
  • KOFAX from Lexmark
  • NICE

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Blue Prism:

The Blue Prism group is a multinational software organization based in the United Kingdom. They were pioneers in the RPA to reduce high-risk and low-performance processing work and data entry work manually.

The technology used is based on the Microsoft.net framework and supports any type of platform and applications. It allows the process of automation of projects that is also within the governance of IT.


UiPath is a global software company based in New York. With the help of the UiPath tool, it is easy to manage automated business processes and the virtual workforce. It is based on a method of implementation in situ and in the cloud, which makes it capable of implementing and managing all things in a specific place. The main advantage of UiPath is that it offers desktop contributions and Citrix environment, which is good for BPO automation.

Automation Anywhere:

Automation Anywhere is based in California, USA. Serves companies that want to implement a digital workforce composed of bots that can offer end-to-end business processes. Whether in a cloud, data centre or desktop, automation anywhere can be implemented in any environment. It can protect all architectures and control processing. Microsoft is your core technology.

KOFAX from Lexmark:

KOFAX is the most efficient way to acquire, improve and provide information from any application and data source or business system without coding. It supports all kinds of application environments and data sources, including sites, portals, corporate systems and legacy applications, Excel, email, XML, JSON, CSV and SQL. It can automatically publish robots with standard Java, .NET, SOAP and REST interface, which is used to control robotic processes of external applications and remote systems.


A Neptune Intelligence Computer Engineering, which is commonly known as NICE, is a company of open capital software based in Israel. It allows companies to operate Big Data. It offers desktop and server automation so employees can focus on productivity. You can also automate processes between applications by combining with any third-party or home system, including CRM, billing, MS Office, virtualization and network.

Best RPA tool – Comparison of RPA tools:

Blue Prism, software manufacturers Robotic Process Automation (receives the term Robotic Process Automation in Blue Prism laboratories). This alone should be a test that should suffice all your questions and questions about how this tool will work. They are the pioneers in the automation robot automation software development, with security. Blue Prism has an active base of more than 100 customers who currently enjoy the automation solutions provided by them around the world.

They have also partnered with some of the big ones, such as the NHS, Accenture, Hexaware, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Capgemini and IBM, etc.O Automation Anywhere, even if it comes alongside the other two options discussed in this section, provides one of the the most powerful and easy-to-use Robotic Process Automation tools. Any complexity of the automation process can easily be addressed with Automation Anywhere. Automation Anywhere is currently a partner of giants like EMC2, KPMG, Genpact and Infosys, etc.

The reduction of repetitive and time-consuming processes leaves time for the employees to offer more time to patients. Better patient data management and customer services are few of the added benefits that come along with RPA tools.

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